Monday, March 12, 2012

The issue of men having a problem with their girlfriends past

This issue is posted over and over on various sites and the common response is "Don't be silly.. the past is the past.. don't judge her, etc." I'm here to provide a different point of view. Listen up Women..

Here is why men have so much trouble with this: The impact that your sexual past has on your future is due to perspective. I'll explain. It's all in the sex act. We were sexually designed a certain way. The way that women were designed requires that they "open up" and accept penetration of a mans erect organ - and allow for him to thrust, grunt and sweat while getting his jollies. This is the perception that men are forced to accept. We are forced to accept that this happened over and over again with guy after guy. The women we love allowing guy after guy to do this to her. The opposite is why its less difficult for women to deal with. Let's just say that we were built differently and we each had something that was inserted into each other for pleasure.. No partner is more submissive or desecrated in the act. Its equal... Men wouldn't have as much of a problem with it and women would have a bit of a larger problem with it. Here's an exercise - Forget about the homosexuality aspect of this but women imagine if your man had been pounded and pounded by in his rear by guy after guy and you were asked to accept this.. I know, its hard to eliminate the homosexuality from that example but try.. Try to accept that he had been submissive. Not fun, huh?

So women - the next time you're thinking "yeah, I'll bang this guy. Whats the big deal?" Remeber, the big deal is that one day you will want a man to love and accept you and you just decided to add another image of you spreading yourself open to accept thrusts from yet another sweaty, hairy guy to what he will have to accept. Not a very nice thing to do to the future love of your life... Instead, make the guy take you out on a few dates. One thing that will ease the mind of your future guy will be that at least you were dating these guys.

Lastly, don't listen to your whorish friends or sex and the city. Protect your reputation and try to keep your numbers down. When you find that special guy - you will be glad that you did.